48 Days To Presidential Election 2023 Go Collect Your PVC

Presidential Election is around the conner just 48days to go.And one of the challanges face by INEC is people with disabilities.

People With Disabilities find it difficult going to collect they Voter cards and its as well a challange to them too, you and i know  people with Disability out there in the country, we need to encourage them to go get their PVCs .

In Nigeria, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Is responsible for issuing Permanent Voters Cards ( PVCs) to registered Voters.

As a PWDs  you are not left out, go and  collect your PVCs because every Votes counts.

If you are a registered voter in Nigeria and have not yet received your PVC, you may be able to collect it from an INEC office or a designated collection center.

Any questions or more information you contact the INEC officia page and offices, below is the link.

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