Bola Tinubu Net Worth, Age and Career

Bola Tinubu is a Nigerian politician and also the former governor of Lagos state and also a former senator of same state. Bola Tinubu is among the well known politician in Nigeria.

Currently he is among the people that have an influential status in the all progressive congress party. Also he has the intention to run for president in 2023.

There is no doubt that Bola Tinubu has made a huge achievements during his political career he is currently the godfather in the city of Lagos state he runs all the activities of Lagos politics.

Been a professional politician a lot of people keep on asking for Bola Tinubu net worth on the internet and that the main reason why we made up our mind to write down this content.

In this write up we are going to look at Bola Tinubu net worth by calculating all that he earns from politics and also the business that he does. Also bear in mind that this is just an estimated net worth it might not be his real net worth but it will be close to the range.

So let’s get to Bola Tinubu net worth in 2022

Net worth $50 Million
Source Politics and Bussiness

Bola Tinubu biography and Net worth

Before we get to his net worth lets first look at his biography and political career first

Bola Tinubu was born and raised in the city of Lagos state the veteran politician was born on the 29 of March 1952 right now he is over 70 years old.

Bola Tinubu comes from a wealth family during his young age he went to the united state of American to bag for his bachelor degree which means he has an excellent educational background. Bola Tinubu studied accounting.

After he graduated from school he worked with some companies in the united state. In 1983 he return to Nigeria and he was employed in Mobil oil Nigeria. And luckily for him he ended up becoming one of the executive in the company. In 1999 he joined the Nigerian politics fully.

The main reason why we write this content is to determine Bola Tinubu net worth so let’s not waste much time here on his biography let’s get to the main content

Let’s dive into Bola Tinubu net worth in 2022

Bola Tinubu income from politics

There is no doubt that Bola Tinubu is super rich when it comes to money and this is because he has ruled the city of Lagos state and Lagos state is the fastest developing city Africa in large.

Bola Tinubu is the key person that made Lagos what it is today. In the early 2000 Lagos has a lot of flooding problems and other community problems but Bola Tinubu helps to tackle all these problems.

A times it very hard to know the net worth of Nigerian politician and this is because they a lot of money far from what they make some of these politicians are into illegal activities.

Bola Tinubu has some allegations which show that he has over 16 offshore accounts. Here on this website we only declare net worth by calculate how much some has earned from his political career that’s all nothing more.

To know Bola Tinubu net worth we must know how much he has made from each of the political offices that he has held in the years of his career. According to the internet below are the offices that Bola Tinubu has held in the years of his career

  1. Governor of Lagos state 1999 to 2007
  2. Senator Lagos state districts 1992 to 1993

So the big question here is how much has he made from all of these offices that he has held. Well according to our evaluations expert they claim that roughly Bola Tinubu has earn over $20 Million from these offices

Bola Tinubu income from Business

There is an untold story regarding Bola Tinubu business; and this is because he is a politician he will like to keep things like this hidden to the public

To complete Bola Tinubu net worth we must list all of these properties that he owns. According to the magazines on the internet below are the lists of business that Bola Tinubu owned

  1. Oriental Hotel
  2. Ikeja shopping mall
  3. Tejuoso Market
  4. First nation airline
  5. Lekki concession company
  6. Apapa amusement park
  7. The nation news paper
  8. Renaissance hotel
  9. Radio continental
  10. Alpha beta

According to the internet they above mention properties all belong to Bola Tinubu which shows that he is fully into business. According to our business evaluations expert they reported that these business will worth $30 Million Roughly.

Now that we have know how much Bola Tinubu has made from all the means by which he makes money it’s time we end this content by telling his net worth

Bola Tinubu Net worth 2022

Bola Tinubu net worth is estimated at round $50 Million (N25 Billion Naira) according to the magazines on the internet it shows that he own the total number of 10 properties in Nigeria

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