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Control (2004) Movie Download

Control (2004)

Plot: Lee Ray Oliver grew up from abused kid to sociopath, inevitably condemned to death, but wakes up in the morgue after the ‘lethal’ injection. Dr. Michael Copeland offers him a choice: the real killer drug or ‘volunteering’ as life-long test person for his pharmaceutic experiment, Anagress, meant to suppress violent tendencies but side-effects unknown. After vicious escape attempts, Lee Ray finally develops genuine remorse and tries to make-up with Gary Caputo, who Lee shot in the head, leaving him mentally a child. Brother Bill Caputo’s hate for ruining both of their lives is however redoubled, with tragic consequences.
Runtime: 90 mins
Release Date: 30 Mar 2004

Starcast: Ray Liotta, Willem Dafoe, Michelle Rodriguez, Stephen Rea,

Director(s): Tim Hunter
Genre: Crime, Sci-Fi, Thriller, ,
Tags: death, experiment, morgue


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