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Isbae U Net Worth,Biography and Comedy Videos

Isbae U

Isbae U is a Nigerian comedian and also a content creator, he is counted among the successful instagram comedian in Nigeria; his comedy skits are played not only here in Nigeria but all over West Africa.

There is no doubt that Isbae U has a big talent when it comes to making instagram comedies. According to his social media account it shows that he has grown over a million followers.

Isbae U has made a huge achievements in the years of his career he has worked with comedians like Sydney talker, Nasty Blaq and Broada shaggi.

Been a professional comedian a lot of people keep asking for Isbae U net worth on the internet and that’s the main reason why we write this content.

When it comes to money, Isbae U has made a lot of money during the years of his career but he isn’t counted among the richest comedians in the Nigeria entertainment industry.

In this content we are going to determine Isbae U net worth by evaluating every single penny that he has been making during his years of his career.

Net worth $120,000
Source of income Comedy

Isbae U Biography and Net worth

Before we get to Isbae U net worth lets first look at his biography and entertainment career so as to understand who he is

Isbae U was born and raised in the city of Lagos in the Nigeria he was born on the 12 of March 1995. Isbae U started his comedy career alongside his friend Mr Macaroni and Broda shaggi.

The internet hasn’t known much about Isbae U and this is because he doesn’t reveal his private life to the public. The main reason why we write this content is to determine Isbae U net worth so let’s not waste much time here.

So let’s get to his net worth in 2022

Isbae U income from his YouTube channel

A lot of people keep wondering how Bae U does makes money from the comedy that he does. Well it’s pretty simple. Anytime Isbae U uploaded a comedy on YouTube he gets a passive income from it.

As long as people keep watching Isbae U comedy on YouTube then he will keep on making million of money. YouTube is a money making machine for content creator, as long as you can get millions of video views from your channel then you can earn a living from it.

So to know Isbae U net worth we must know how much he has been making from his channel.

So let’s start evaluating Isbae U net worth on YouTube.

According to YouTube they pay Nigeria users anywhere from $1 to $5 for every 1,000 video views and according to Isbae U YouTube channel he has the total number of 70 million video views.

So if you do the evaluations you will see that roughly he has made over $100,000 from all the video views that he has been getting

Now that we have known his income from his YouTube channel let’s take a look at his endorsement deals and sees what we can find

Isbae U income from endorsement deal

This is the hardest part of the content; our team spent a lot of their time to evaluate this down. Based on the observations made we found out that Isbae U also makes money from endorsement deals.

However he doesn’t get a lot of money from this part; according to the research that our team has conducted we have found out that all of the endorsement deals that Isbae U has been endorsement are instagram ads.

According to Isbae U management it was reported that to sponsored a content on his social media account will cost you anywhere from N200, 000 to N500, 000 depending on the nature of the content.

Based on the evaluations that our team has made; roughly Isbae U has made over N10 Million from all the sponsorship he has been getting from his instagram account.

Now that we have known how much he has made since from the first day he started making comedy it’s time we make an ending to this content by his U net worth.

Isbae U Net worth 2022

Isbae U net worth is estimated at around $120,000 (N60 Million Naira) to sponsor content on his instagram account will cost you anywhere from N200, 000 to N500, 000 depending on the nature of the content

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