Iyabo Ojo is a Nigerian actress and also a movie producer she is listed among the influential actresses in the Nigerian movie industry she has appeared in over 150 movies in the years of her career

There Is no doubt that Iyabo Ojo has a huge talent when it comes to acting movies she has worked with veteran actress like funke akindele and a lot more.

Also Iyabo Ojo is among the well experienced people in the movie industry, according to her record it shows that she has been acting movies for the past 20 years.

Been a famous actress in the industry a lot of people keep on asking for Iyabo Ojo net worth and that’s why we write down this interesting content; when it comes to net worth Iyabo Ojo is super rich

In fact according to some blogs on the internet they listed Iyabo Ojo among the top richest actresses in the Nigerian movie industry. Well in this content we are going to determine Iyabo Ojo net worth by evaluating all that she has been making in the movie industry

iyabp ojo net worth

Also put this in mind that this write up we are doing its more like a prediction we only make evaluation of what we know she has and we declare net worth that’s all

So let get to Iyabo Ojo net worth 2022

Net worth $1.9 Million
Source of income Acting & Endorsement deals

Iyabo Ojo Biography and Net worth

Before we get to Iyabo Ojo net worth lets first look at her biography and entertainment career first

Iyabo Ojo was born and raised in the city of Lagos; the veteran actress was born on the 21 of December 1977 right now she is over 44 years old

Iyabo Ojo has a wonderful family background unlike some actresses in the industry she studied estate management at Lagos state polytechnic and she haven’t bag a bachelor degree

According to Iyabo Ojo record on Wikipedia it was stated that she joined the movie industry in 1998 and 5 years later she started producing her own movies.

Currently Iyabo Ojo has two children but she is now a divorced and she haven married again since her first marriage and she has the intention of removing her surname “Ojo”

The main reason why we write down this content is to determine Iyabo Ojo net worth so let’s not waste much time here on her biography.

Let’s get to Iyabo Ojo net worth straight away

Iyabo Ojo income from Nigerian movie industry

Nollywood industry isn’t complete if we didn’t mention Iyabo Ojo, she has made a lot of waves on the internet which makes her an internet celebrity.

Many people are obsessed about Iyabo Ojo income many people wants to know how much she has been making from the movies she has been acting In the entertainment industry.

Iyabo Ojo is among the well paid people in the industry, according to her she stated that she makes $10,000 from each movie she has acted.

So to know Iyabo Ojo net worth we must do a math of how much she has made from all the movies she has acted in the years of her career.

Based on her profile it was written that she has acted that total number of 154 movies. If you do the evaluation you will see that she has made over $1.5 Million roughly

  1. Gone to America
  2. Trust
  3. Twisted twin
  4. Divorce not allowed
  5. Back val
  6. Silence
  7. Awuse
  8. Satantic
  9. Okanla
  10. Beyond disability
  11. Ore
  12. Under the carpet
  13. I believe

Iyabo Ojo income from endorsement deals

This is the second means by whch Iyabo Ojo makes her money in the industry, endorsement contracts in the entertainment industry means a lot of money and only few people gets to bag an endorsement deals.

Well Iyabo Ojo happens to be among the luckily people. According to the sources on the internet below is the list of endorsement deals that Iyabo Ojo has bag in the years of her career

  1. Herbal drink worth $100,000
  2. Pragmatic home worth $100,00
  3. Spedy wightloss worth $50,000
  4. Vsit worth $100,000
  5. Wholesale naija worth $50,000

Now that we have calculate all of her earnings it’s time we make an ending to this content by telling Iyabo Ojo net worth officially

Iyabo Ojo Net worth

Iyabo Ojo net worth is estimated at around $1.9 Million (N1 Billion Naira) according to her record she once bag an endorsement deals with herbal drink

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