Maraji is a Nigerian comedian and also a content creator, she is among the few ladies that get to succeed in the comedy industry in Nigeria. Maraji has gain the attentions of many people in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Maraji is super talented when it comes to making comedy, for this reason she has over a million followers on social media. Also Maraji is among the beautiful female comedians in Nigerian. She is every bodies crush

Been a professional comedian a lot of people are curious about her net worth, many people wants to know how much does she makes from the comedy that she does and this is why we establish this content.

So let’s start evaluating Maraji net worth

Net worth $140,000
Source of income Comedy

Maraji Biography and Net worth

Before we get to Maraji net worth lets first look at her biography and entertainment career first

Gloria Oloruntobi who is famously known as Maraji was born and raised in the city of Edo state in Nigeria. This veteran comedian was born on the 6th of February 1997.

Maraji started her entertainment career in 2015 when she was in the university she become a celebrity by accident; according to her she started her career by miming the songs of musicians in Nigerian and  to her surprise all the artist keep reposting her content and that’s how she become famous.

In this content we are going to determine Maraji net worth by calculating every single penny that she has make in the years of her career.

So let’s dive into Maraji net worth

Maraji income from Youtube

This is the major way by which Maraji makes her own money, anytime she make a new comedy skits she gets a lot of money depending on the number of people that viewed the video.

So to know Maraji net worth we must know how much she made from her YouTube channel. According to a source on the internet it was reported that Maraji has the total number of 45 million video views and over 400,000 subscribers.

And according to a webpage on the internet it was reported that YouTube pays anywhere from $0.002 to $0.005 per video view depending on the nature of the video.

So if you do the evaluation yourself you will see that Maraji has estimated revenue of $103,000 from all the video views that she gets from her YouTube channel

Also bear in mind that this net worth is more of a prediction we only calculate what we know someone has and we declare net worth that’s all

Maraji income from endorsement deal

This also makes some percentage in her income according to her she stated that she charge anywhere from N500,000 to N1 Million per instagram post promotion depending on the nature of the brand.

To complete Maraji networth we must know how much did she makes from all the endorsement deals that she gets. Well this is a difficult task because no one can give you the exact digits of how much she has make from all the endorsement deals she has been bagging.

Based on the research that our team has conducted we found out that Maraji has  bag the total number of 12 endorsement deals and rough she has make over 20 million naira from all the endorsement deals.

Now that we have known how much she has been making from all the endorsement deals that she gets its time we make an ending to this content by telling Maraji net worth

Maraji Net worth in 2022

Maraji net worth is estimated at around $140,000 (N70 Million Naira) according to her she charge anywhere from N500, 000 to N1 Million per instagram post promotion.

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