People With Disabilities Voters Education

Depending on your disability, you will need to either provide documentary evidence of your disability or get a qualified person to confirm the details you have given.

The form must be returned at least 14 working days before the date of the election.

Voting by post

A ballot paper will be sent to you about 10 days before the date of an election. Mark the ballot paper and return it to the Area Office before 10.00 pm on the day of the election.

Voting by proxy

You must nominate another person to go to your polling station on election day and vote on your behalf. The person must agree to do this and must not be acting as a proxy for more than two people unless they are related to them. A poll card will be sent to your proxy telling them which polling station to go to.

Power of attorney and voting

A power of attorney does not extend to the electoral process. An attorney has no powers to vote on behalf of another person, unless they have been appointed proxy on a form signed by the person.

Kindly visit the INEC website pages for more information.

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