We Have 49 Days To 2023 General Election Go And Collect Your Permanent Voters Cards

The independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) annouces the collection of PVCs at registration/ wards

across the country would commence on friday 6th and the time for the collection of PVCs is from 9am to 3pm

including saturdays and sundays daily. And as a citizen you need to present your temporary voters card in order to collect your

Permanent Voters Cards.

Citizens choose their representatives, this can can only be achieved by conducting Election  and with your PVCs at hand.

Election makes a new leader  or government that comes up into power because it entails the popular support of the people.

Furthermore, after the 15th of january  the  PVCs  collection will revert to the local government offices of the commission untill 22nd  January 2023.

Any questions or more information you contact the INEC officia page and offices, below is the link.

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